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El Puente – Where Fluency Meets Friendship!

Unlock a world of language mastery and join our vibrant community of English & Spanish learners. Embark on a journey to fluency, friendship, & cultural exchange!

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Remember the time you tried to learn a language, buried in books and apps, but something was missing?


That's because true language mastery transcends the pages of textbooks. It thrives in the laughter shared, the stories told, and the friendships forged.

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Presenting the Solution:
El Puente

El Puente is not just a community; it's your gateway to becoming a part of a living, breathing language exchange where every interaction is a step towards fluency.


Benefits and Features

Here are 4 reasons to enroll in our Spanish Course

Real Conversation

Engage in daily language practice with native speakers, transforming your skills in a way textbooks never could.

Supportive Community

Learn in a judgment-free zone where every question is welcomed, and every achievement is celebrated

Cultural Exchange

Discover the soul of language by exploring customs, traditions, and the everyday colloquial charm of native speakers' lives

Versatile Learning Tools

Gain access to over 50 video hack lessons, each about a minute long. These targeted tutorials are organized into categories like grammar, idiomatic use, slang, consonants, full-words, and prosody, offering a comprehensive toolkit for tackling every aspect of the language.

Quick Overview of Weekly Language Exchanges

Lunes Language Link

Mondays, 6-7 PM ET.


Conversational practice and cultural sharing. (Audio Only)

The Questions Game

Tuesdays, 5:30-7 PM ET.


Fun, interactive language game. (Audio Only)


Thursdays, 7-8:30 PM ET.


Join us for a language exchange on Zoom. Practice speaking with native speakers, switch between English and Spanish, get feedback, and make new friends in your target language. (Audio and Video). domain other .png

El Puente's Exclusive Video Content

Enhance your Spanish learning journey with 'El Puente' through not just real-time interactions with native speakers, but also with our curated Video Hacks courses. Designed for flexible, self-paced learning, these concise video lessons provide added value, allowing you to deepen your language skills on your own terms. Dive into a variety of topics from grammar to slang, all aimed at boosting your fluency with quick, impactful insights. It's the perfect complement to the lively, immersive experience 'El Puente' offers, ensuring you get the most out of every moment spent on mastering Spanish.

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Success Stories

Meet Tom, a native English speaker on his journey to Spanish fluency, who gives "El Puente" an A+ review for its communal dedication to language learning.


He values the membership fee for ensuring a group of serious and consistent learners, distinguishing the community from fleeting engagements. Tom's enthusiasm is ignited by the overall drive and motivation of "El Puente," making it a cornerstone of his language learning journey


El Puente Pricing Plans

Most Popular

Testing the Aguas



(3 months/1 quarter)
A total commitment of $135.


 5 hrs. of Language Exchanges Weekly
 Daily Real-Life Practice with Natives
 50+ Video Hacks Lessons to Watch
 Constructive & Supportive Feedback

Here for the Fiesta

*save 15%*


(6 months/2 quarters)
A total commitment of $235.


 5 hrs. of Language Exchanges Weekly
 Daily Real-Life Practice with Natives
 50+ Video Hacks Lessons to Watch
 Constructive & Supportive Feedback

Hay Equipo

*save 30%*


(6 months/2 quarters)
Pay in full every 6 months.


 5 hrs. of Language Exchanges Weekly
 Daily Real-Life Practice with Natives
 50+ Video Hacks Lessons to Watch
 Constructive & Supportive Feedback

About Us - the creators of El Puente 


Meet Ruben Adery:


Far from just another polyglot, Ruben brings a unique blend of academic prowess and personal flair. With degrees in Spanish and Linguistics, his uncanny ability to mimic various regional accents makes him stand out in a crowd. He’s fluent in 5 languages, but it's his connection to Argentina, where he lived for nearly 2 years, that truly captivates. After 15 enriching years of teaching – with 5 dedicated to dialect coaching and an impressive stint as a Fulbright scholar in Brazil – Ruben realized something; his individual successes could benefit many. Today, he’s passionate about sharing his techniques to make pronunciation feel personal, logical, and achievable. Countless students and teachers across 5 languages have had their pronunciation journeys transformed under his guidance.

Meet Dustin Luke:


An American social media influencer and author, has developed a profound affinity for Argentina, a bond that began with his first visit in 2006 and deepened over eight years of cultural immersion. His experiences in Argentina culminated in hosting a travel show, exclusively exploring Argentina and conducted in Spanish, which significantly bolstered his reputation across Latin America. Additionally, his literary contribution to cultural understanding is showcased in his book 'Bien Argento: Los Argentinos Vistos Por Un Yanqui.' On social media, Dustin commands an impressive audience, with 150 million views and a following of 2 million, distinguishing him as a leading non-native Spanish-speaking personality globally. More than his digital influence, Dustin is known for his commitment to helping others navigate the complexities of language and culture. Leveraging his own journey of linguistic adaptation and cultural insights, he passionately guides others in mastering an accent and understanding both English and Spanish speaking culture. Dustin's journey is a testament to the transformative power of cultural immersion, emphasizing the significant role of digital platforms in bridging cultural divides and enhancing cross-cultural communication and education.

Business Video Call

It Takes 10,000 Hours to Expertise

Your 10,000-Hour Journey Begins Here

Have you heard of the 10,000-hour rule to expertise? This video is a call to action for those serious about becoming fluent in Spanish. If you're ready to invest in your language learning journey, to not only dream about fluency but achieve it through consistent practice, this message is for you. Let's break down the journey into achievable milestones, together making every hour of practice count.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I'm just starting to learn the language?
    Starting from scratch? Perfect. At El Puente, immersion and effort are key. Dive into interactions with native speakers and use our resources from day one. Your fluency journey begins with us.
  • Can I access private or group coaching?
    Private and group coaching are highly sought after and offered based on availability, with priority given to El Puente members. Joining El Puente not only sets you on your language journey but also puts you first in line for these personalized coaching opportunities.
  • What is Discord, and how does El Puente use it for language learning?
    Discord is a versatile platform ideal for creating dynamic online communities, supporting text, voice, and video chats. At El Puente, we leverage Discord to facilitate real-time language exchanges, cultural immersion sessions, and interactive learning activities. It enhances the learning experience by enabling structured and spontaneous conversations in a supportive group setting, making practice and progress more accessible and engaging.
  • Can I really become fluent through El Puente?
    Absolutely, but fluency mirrors your dedication. El Puente provides the community, native speaker interaction, and resources for your journey. Your progress depends on your engagement. With questions to ask and a community ready to answer, how far you go is up to you.
  • Are there activities for practicing different aspects of the language?
    Yes. We offer a wide range of activities focusing on conversational practice, grammar, idiomatic expressions, and more. Our weekly exchanges and video lessons ensure you tackle all language aspects in a well-rounded manner.
  • What makes El Puente different from other language learning communities?
    El Puente’s bilingual environment and mutual support system set it apart. Beyond a learning platform, it's a bridge to cultural exchange and fluency, supported by a community as passionate about teaching as they are about learning.
  • How often are new lessons or activities added?
    Regularly. We continuously refresh our offerings based on member feedback and linguistic trends.
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