Join our interactive community for an extended English and Spanish language exchange.

Meet interesting people who are as passionate as you are about learning a new language.

Get feedback from various native speakers from different parts of the world!

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Native English Speaker?

Come practice your Spanish with kind, supportive natives of Latin America and expect to gain confidence (and maybe a friend) from each interaction!


You'll switch partners every 20 minutes for a Spanish/English-speaking aventura! Cost is $10 for 2 full hours


¿Nativo de Español?

Ahora tienes la oportunidad de practicar tu inglés con nativos que realmente quieren ayudarte. Vas a ganar confianza y hacer preguntas a un grupo de personas que se anima a apoyarte!


Durante dos horas te presentamos a 5-6 personas de Estados Unidos y vas a poder practicar con cada una por 20 minutos

(10 min en ingles y 10 minutos en español). Algunas charlas son inolvidables! $10 USD